May 4, 2012

LoL Aide v1.3.4

This is just an update to reflect the balance changes in the patch that was rolled out earlier this week.

I'm having trouble uploading the new .apk to the Google Play Store, but it should be available for download by tonight.

Two of the classics got pretty nice buffs this week!

Amumu is going to be a beast after his MR buffs, not to mention chopping some time off of the cooldown of his ultimate.  I've been playing him as a hybrid AP/utility jungler, building Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold, Mercury's Treads, Will of the Ancients, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, and finishing the build by upgrading into a Shurelya's Reverie.

Annie's changes drastically increase the rate at which she can dish out an AoE stun.  The previous week she was change to only need 4 spellcasts to build up to her stun (with the caveat of losing the ability to charge up via Incinerate (W) if no damage is dealt) and now the cooldown of her Molten Shield (E) is nearly cut in half.  When playing Annie always keep track of your spell counter, and try to land your stuns with Incinerate or Tibbers (in team fights).

Watch out for these two champions!  They've always been viable, though slightly out-shined by newer releases.  Now that they've been buffed I'd expect to see them back in the mix!

Varus is being released next week, so stay tuned for a new update!  As always, sound off in the comments or shoot me an email with any questions.