March 20, 2012

LoLAide v1.3.2 - Lulu

  • Updated to reflect the changes made in Leauge of Legends v1.0.0.136
    • Lulu - Skill Info (rough estimates for skill ranges), Build Guide, Counters, Synergies
    • Balance changes

Finally, a new support champion!

I feel that her character design strongly resembles that of Janna.  She has one hard CC, one slow, and a shield that enhances her target's auto attacks.  The important mechanics to note are how Whimsy and Wild Growth combine to create excellent initiations when used on an ally with some sort of gap-closer, such as Wukong, Maokai, or Shyvana.  The effectiveness of Wild Growth is even greater when used on allies with high damage mitigation, so Shyvana's innate armor and magic resistance in particular will make for an excellent combo.  Combine this with the ridiculous movement speed buffs and slowing aura, this all leads me to believe that the Lulu/Shyvana combo will be extremely powerful!

Thank you all for your continued support of LoLAide!  It's always great to hear back from the community, so feel free to contact me.  Cheers!

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