February 11, 2012

Introduction to LoLAide

Hello and thank you for your interest in LoLAide!

First off I'll introduce myself.  My name is PirateKing and I started playing League of Legends back in October 2009.  Having played my fair share of DotA, I jumped right into the Open Beta and quickly became addicted to LoL.  Back then the scene was pretty fresh.  Ashe was a popular mid-laner and jungling was foreign to many of us.  Since then, I've played thousands of games and watched as the community has matured, the meta-game has become more refined, and the game has developed into a powerhouse e-sport with seemingly endless potential.

As far as accomplishments go I attained a rating of 1642 during Season 1.  I also placed top 8 in the relatively obscure Open Amateur Tournaments July 1v1 event in 2011.  Nowadays most of my games are unranked Draft Pick, as I usually queue up with a group of friends.  If it can be considered a measure of our combined skill, we did get matched up against APictureOfAGoose in the normal queues once...(we got stomped).

LoLAide is designed to be used alongside League of Legends as a way for players to quickly look-up information on-the-fly.  Instead of trying to compete with all of the great websites already out there, I wanted to compile as much information as possible into a package that's optimized for mobile platforms.  Whether you're in the middle of a game and are worried that you won't have time to Alt+Tab before Maokai ganks you, or you're on the train and you can't remember whether or not Cassiopeia can out-range Kassadin's Null Sphere (she can!), it is my sincere hope that this application will prove useful to you on your journey to become a better player.

What LoLAide provides the user:
  • Summaries of skill info containing damages, ranges, and cooldowns
  • Mini-guides that provide examples of useful summoner spells, runes, mastery builds, skill orders, and item builds for each champion
  • Potential counters and synergies
  • A randomized ban feature that will select three champions from a list of those deemed "bannable"
  • Links to websites that provide even more in-depth information and analysis

Things you can look forward to in future updates:
  • Icons for all tabs
  • Total burst potential for champions at levels 6 and 18 in the Skill Info section
  • Gold Values in the Build Guide section
  • Adding roles (AP mid, Jungle, etc.) into the Build Guide section
  • Allowing champions to have multiple roles and builds
  • An overhaul of the Synergies and Counters sections

On a penultimate note I'd like to point out a few things.  The vast majority of the numerical values were obtained from the League of Legends Wiki.  When I came up short I did my best to estimate skill ranges in-game. Item builds, synergies, and counters are influenced by my personal experiences playing LoL and from watching streams.

Finally, thanks go out to everyone that has helped me test thus far and given me encouragement and constructive criticism, especially catapl3x, MonkRX, and Wooter.

To report bugs, provide feedback, or ask questions, either leave a comment below or shoot me an email.  You can also add me in-game if you are so inclined.  Thanks!


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