February 23, 2012

LoLAide v1.2.1 - Timers

  • Jungle Timers
    • You can now access the "Timers" tab from the main screen to keep track of when monsters respawn

The timers are designed to be simple and intuitive.  They are arranged in an approximation of how the creep camps are laid out on Summoner's Rift.  One press will begin the timer and disable any additional presses so that you won't accidentally restart the timer.  You can press-and-hold a button to force-reset a given timer.  The text will flash a yellow warning signal when only 30 seconds remain, then turn red and play a short sound to alarm you when a monster respawns.  Also, screen dimming is disabled while on the Timers tab so that you can always keep track of them.

Head on over to the Android Market and update LoLAide to begin using the jungle timers.  As always feel free to contact me if you encounter any bugs or have a suggestion.  Happy hunting!

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